FitTrackView - FIT file viewer for Garmin sport tracking devices

Let me introduce FitTrackView, a handy windows application for the Garmin GPS sport device owners. It's a viewer and organizer for FIT files. Garmin uses these files for storing workout tracks on the following sport & fitness device series:
- Forerunner 10/110/210...910
- Edge 200/500/800 and 510/810
FitTrackView lets you view, share and convert FIT tracks directly on your device. Usually they are resided in the [your_device]:\Activity folder. And you can also operate with the FIT track files saved on your Windows computer.

- Displays tracks on the Google Map via your internet browser.
- Colors tracks depending on the current speed. Green - the lowest speed ... Red - the fastest speed.
- Shows Start, End, Pause, Resume, Lap, Max Speed, Max Cadence, Max Heart rate waypoints.
- Shares workout results via Facebook and Twitter.
- Display tracks with Google Earth.
- Converts FIT files into the GPX format.

FIT files can be opened in two ways: double clicking on a file in the Windows explorer or via File Open dialog in the FitTrackView application. Other features can be called using the Windows Explorer context menu.

System requirements: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/8

It's a Beta version. I invite you to join testing it. Now the viewer has been tested on the Forerunner 10 and Edge 500 devices only. Please send me reports about your experience with other Garmin sport devices.

Download FitTrackView


  1. Thanks for posting. On Windows XP SP3 this gives an error message "object reference not set to an instance of an object" when I try to open FIT files created with a Garmin Fenix 2.

  2. Hi = doesn't work with a Fenix on Windows 8.1 either - same error message as martinleroux

  3. How do I remove the coloured stripes from the map? Also how can I save and email this map?

  4. I'm using the app for kayak fishing tracking as well as bicycle runs on my Edge Touring Plus. (1) How do I share these tracks (FTV files) with fellow kayak fishermen who would use Google Earth? They typically would not download the Fit Track View app. (2) I can't determine if the complete track from my recent kayaking totaled the mileage only from the colored speed lines on the map or also included the spaces beetween resume points, etc. I need my Garmin Edge to give me the whole distance and I don't know why it shows spaces between pauses. This is not so much an issue with bicycling as one usually starts riding from the same point as a speed that triggers the map to continue. Kayak fishing often includes some slow drifting that might not have been captured. Also, I had the Edge in a clear waterproof box under my kayak seat. Perhaps the satellite connection was lost for some segments. I might be able to rectify that with proper placement. Thanks for any help you can provide. The Edge Touring Plus seems to be an incredible instrument from my initial uses and the FTV application shows promise!

  5. One last thing for the beta testing. I'm showing the FTV files on a fairly old Windows Vista 64 machine.

  6. Hello,
    Thanks for this nice soft to view fit files.
    I am looking for support documentation to view and convert fit files.
    May I ask you if you have any?

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  10. It works on my Garmin Edge 1000, however, the times are approx. 6 hour off (ahead of actual time). Is there a way to adjust the times on the map?

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